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Your Company Can Be Protected With a Spy Phone

Occasionally, workers are the worst enemy of a company. We're not talking about never-ending discussions with trade unions and so on, but instead about scenarios where sales representatives or staff members are playing the double agent. In such situations, technology offers us some assistance. How? With the help of a Spy Phone!

As an example, a similar story occurred within my region, there is a company which specializes in the sell and distribution of agricultural products. The company employs some sales representatives, always touring the state to handle orders, reveal products that are new and so forth. Representatives are bound by an exclusivity contract, to allow them to just work with this firm.

Unexpectedly, among the sales representatives, there was one whose figures started to drop significantly and was no longer meeting targets. When the boss discovered this was a continuing tendency for over several months, something smelled fishy to him. That is when he discovered the spy phone software from Spia Cellulare.

At a first glance, it seems the same as an ordinary cell, and really it's exactly the same, at least on the external. The difference is concealed, and it lies into a covertly installed piece of software, totally undetectable, wherever you're, directly on your own mobile, which turn many normal mobile phones into software spia android, letting you listen to its dialogs!

The truth is, you should just send an SMS to command its processes: by sending a message out of your mobile (whose number ought to be present as "tracking number" when installing the applications), you may set parameters and functions of the spy phone. You are going to be notified (still via SMS) whenever the spy cellular telephone is engaged in a dialogue, both incoming and outgoing. At that point, you are going to only need certainly to phone the spy cell phone from your own tracking number, and you're able to listen to the call in real time!

Additionally, it is possible to get copies of any SMS sent or received; lists of most numbers called, or even (for models which support GPS positioning system) the spy mobile's geographic coordinates, and pinpoint its precise place.

Another essential function lets you use the spy cell phone as the surrounding area's bug, which would listen to the dialogues happening around the mobile. Here’s more about logiciel espion à distance you must read.

In summary, this can be a whole surveillance bundle into a normal cell phone. Our man used it to track the action of his sales representative for a few months, until he found out that, while meeting with customers, he was additionally showing products coming from a competition. These products were of poor quality and cheaper, but the man was clearly getting a lucrative commission on those shady sales.

Needless to say, his services were promptly terminated, and another representative was hired, who took care of precisely the same customers' portfolio. Miraculously, the sales figures went back up ... and all this, thanks to an invisible buddy! To read about phone trackers, visit